Keeping a parents property tax base on an inherited home

How to Keep a parents property tax base on an inherited home in California

The California Proposition 19 Parent to Child Property Tax Transfer allows a child to transfer a parents low property tax base on an inherited home. On average, doing so saves $6,500 a year in property taxes.

Trust Loans

Normally when a person inherits a home, the County will reassess the property taxes on that home. This is done by default and it is up to the child beneficiary to request the exclusion from property tax reassessment. Thanks to California Proposition 19, a child can avoid property tax reassessment if done correctly and the required documents are filed with the County in time. The majority of our clients receive an inherited home from a trust, but we also help clients who are inheriting a home from probate estates. When multiple child beneficiaries are involved and there are insufficient cash assets to make an equal distribution in the trust or estate, a trust loan is usually required. We specialize in trust loans and provide the funds needed to meet the Prop 19 and California Board of Equalization equal distribution via a third party loan requirements.

Free trust loan consultation

We have helped hundreds of clients avoid property tax reassessment with our loans to trust and estates. If you or your client has questions on a trust loan, we provide a free consultation that will answer all of your questions on the trust loan process. We also provide free California Board approved Continuing Legal Education to Attorneys on California Proposition 19 Parent to Child Transfers. If you would like to receive additional information on a trust loan, please complete our online Trust Loan form located here. Please call 877-464-1066 for a free consultation or to sign up for our Continuing Legal Education course.

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